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Shapeus is based in Gdańsk and specializes in creating distinctive identities and web designs that capture the essence of each brand we collaborate with. Our approach blends innovative design with strategic insights, aimed at transforming and enhancing user experiences. Shapeus is dedicated to delivering top-notch digital solutions that stand out in the competitive digital landscape.

As a family-owned agency composed of dedicated experts, we collaborate to conceive, design, and develop websites, digital experiences, and native applications. Our creations captivate and deeply move our audience, evoking strong emotions and leaving lasting impressions. We pride ourselves on our unique, personal approach to every project, treating each one as part of our family legacy.

Our beliefs

We firmly believe in the power of human connection and tailor our products to meet the specific needs of each client. This commitment is grounded in our core values of honesty and transparency, enabling us to create inspiring and meaningful work. We understand that beauty sustains motivation and that purpose must be infused with significance to truly resonate.

Why us

Collaboration Drives Success

At the heart of our approach is a commitment to open communication and clear transparency, which defines every stage of our work. From the beginning to the end of each project, we ensure a seamless and exceptional client experience. Our extensive experience with startups has refined our adaptability, while our work with larger enterprises has sharpened our project management skills.

Our Work Stands the Test of Time

We create with the future in mind, focusing on scalability and sustainability to ensure our designs support your long-term business objectives. Our portfolio boasts a range of websites and products that have remained effective and relevant for over five years, demonstrating the enduring value and future-ready quality of our solutions.


Family Values at Our Core

As a family-owned design agency, we prioritize people over profit, infusing every project with the warmth and dedication only a family can offer. Our approach ensures that we not only meet our clients’ needs but also foster lasting relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

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Awards and recognition

We have passion in what we do and we let it speak for itself

2023 CSS Design Awards – Website of the Day

2023 CSS Design Awards – Innovation

2023 CSS Design Awards – Website of the Day

2023 Awwwards – Website of the Day

2023 Awwwards – Innovation

2023 Awwwards – Website of the Day

2023 Motion Awards – Website of the Day

2023 Motion Awards – Innovation

2023 Motion Awards – Website of the Day

Our services

The integration delivers results at every touchpoint

We dive deep into our clients’ needs, delivering consumer insights that resonate with evolving culture and crafting data-driven marketing plans and cohesive narratives, often preempting their requests.